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Lightning Storm Limited.

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AR Motorcycles.

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AR Motorcycles.

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Telephone: 01502 584169

Email: info@armotorcycles.co.uk


In applying engineering and technological expertise to real life contexts, SYM bring to market superior motor vehicles that deliver the promise of durability for a life time, mobility for life needs, and affinity for life style.

SYM are at the forefront of Corporate Environmental Protection being respectful of the welfare of the public and that of Mother Earth protecting the environment. “Pollution Prevention, Energy Saving, Resource Recycling and Environmental Greening”, is a long term commitment towards advancing environmental management.

SYM tackle environmental issues from a variety of angles, in the first instance production methods minimise pollution during the manufacturing process, recycling of waste produce via several recycling resource zones and ultimately in developing ‘green products’ which are more fuel efficient, lightweight, recyclable and fully labelled.

SYM is the Engine of Life. We apply our engineering know how to real life contexts, bringing to market superior motor vehicles that deliver on the promise and experience of: durability for a life time, mobility for life needs, and affinity for life styles. Life time. Life needs. Life styles.

Sym offer a 5 year warranty on model 120cc and above and models under 120cc a 3 year warranty is included.

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2019 Fiddle III 50cc

£1,899 OTR

2018 Symply 50cc

£1,499 OTR

2018 Fiddle III 200cc

£2,599 OTR

2019 Fiddle III 125cc

£2,299 OTR

2019 Mask 125cc

 £1,999 OTR

2019 Mask 50cc

£1,699 OTR

2019 Jet 14 125cc Air cooled

From £2,199 OTR

2019 Jet 4 50cc

£1,749 OTR

2019 Jet 14 200cc

£2,699 OTR

2019 Jet 14 125cc Liquid cooled

£2,499 OTR

2019 Jet 14 50cc

£1,949 OTR

2019 Jet 4 125cc

£2,099 OTR

2019 Symphony ST 200

 £2,599 OTR

2019 Crox 125cc

£2,099 OTR

2019 Cruisym 300

£5,099 OTR

2019 Cruisym 125

£4,399 OTR

2019 Symphony SR 125cc

 £2,299 OTR

2019 Symphony ST 125cc

£2,399 OTR

2019 Maxsym ABS 600i

£6,399 OTR


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mask50 mask125 fiddleiii50 fiddleiii125 fiddleiii200 jet450 jet4125 jet1450 jet14125 jet14125lc crox125 symphonyst125 symphonysr125 symphonyst200 cruisym125 cruisym300 maxsym600i